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Our Story

Hi and welcome,

My name is Sophia and I am the founder/ executive of Alchemy Botanical Skincare and beauty products. I'm very passionate about skincare, wellness and all things natural including crystals and metaphysical ways of life.

I strongly  believe that our diet influences the health of our skin just as it does every organ, the products we put on our skin the way we spend our time and the things we put into our body all play a role in how our skin feels and looks. 

This holistic approach to skincare all started two decades ago, when I owned my own boutique salon on busy high street Melbourne.

I developed an early interest with skincare and cosmetology I've always been motivated by my clients through every stage of my career and business almost an obsession.

I went further to study diploma of natural skin formulation, advance crystal light therapy and  astrology. My passion is with creating natural bio-enzymes advance skincare for all  skin types no mater our age, for me skincare that works is about highlighting what we already have. Skin's health in a way that brings out your inner confidence. 

Today, we have a beautiful team of empowering women, bio-cosmetics laboratory scientist  in natural skincare and beauty products to create our branding  products with integrity. Proudly owned and made in Australia, USA and Canada. 
We thank you for your continuing  support  as we grow to further expand and extend our products to be in physical salons, spas and wellness stores.


 More About Alchemy Botanical Skincare

May you journey and discover our botanical cosmeceutical and advance skincare collection,  lovingly selected and formulated to enhance skin-deep improve texture and invigorate cell rejuvenation which is  backed by science. 

Our motto is purely to live in radiance that streams inwardly and outwardly, health and happiness naturally. Rejuvenating cell by cell as if there is a cosmic dance between the sun and the moon.

Our philosophy is inspired by nature and beauty is unveil natures youthful glow!

Our natural botanical ingredients are elegantly combined with modern science to bring you the most beautiful skin possible. First and foremost, we believe in bringing you back to nature and restoring balance and wellness within your skin. 

We believe that each person has a unique beauty and we strive to find it. Our goal is not only about making you look- good on the outside, but also bringing out the conferdence  though skincare treatments and our cosmetics products. Which are made from all natural ingredients with an emphasis in organic,  plant base sustainable,  botanicals for maximum wellness and results! 

Our ethics, No harmful toxins, paraban free, cruelty and pesticide free! Simply clean beauty and skincare.

creating natural antioxidant skincare using only-high quality ingredients for your skin's health while maintaining an elegant aesthetic backed by science throughout all stages of life.

We are passionate about nature and  has always been part in our ethics and we plan on keeping it that way to focusing on sustainable production by using recycled materials and limiting usage.

We can reduce our environment impact and become sustainable. As a business we are passionatley all working together with suppliers and manufactures that follow our code of ethics. We are proud of using 100% compostable & Eco -friendly packaging shipping mail bags labels and tape, making small changes can make a world of difference. 

There’s only one thing we’re more passionate about than our business… the planet! This is why we’re making an effort to use sustainable practices in every part of our business.

Australian Made & Manufactured, Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free. Please note our beauty cosmetics are lovingly manufactured and stored in  the USA and Canada, clean beauty - shipping worldwide. 

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