Wellness Gifts Collection

Wellness Gifts Collection


      We are delighted to introduce our Wellness Gift Collection, carefully curated to cater to all well-minded individuals like your self. At Alchemy Botanical skincare, we are passionate about promoting holistic well-being, and we believe that our skincare products and crystals and other accessories will help you nurture and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit.

      Crystal Kits and Aromatherapy essential Oils

      Crystals have long been revert for their healing properties and ability to enhance positive energy. Our crystals kits featured hand -picked crystals including amethyst, Geodes and more each chosen for its unique benefits. These kits are perfect for mediation, chakra balancing or simply adoring your space with nature beauty. Additionally, we offer crystal jewellery  accessories allowing you to carry the positive vibrations of crystals with you wherever you go.

      Smudge sticks and candles:

      Clearing negative energy and creating a harmonious environment is essential for overall well-being. Your smudge sticks, made from sacred herbs, provide a cleansing ritual that  can help purify your space and promote sense of calm. Complementing the smudge sticks, our high -quality candles are infused with esstaitial oils, offering both relaxation and a warm ambiance to create the perfect atmosphere for self-reflection and mindfulness.

       Moonchild Tarot and Oracle Cards 

      For those seeking guidance and spiritual insights, we offer a selection of Moonchild Tarot and Oracle Cards. These beautiful illustrated  decks are designed to connect you with your intuition, empowering you to gain clarity, wisdom and guidance on your life's journey.

      We are committed to provide you with exptional products and services that promote your well-being. Whether you are treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, our wellness Gift Collection offers a thoughtful selection that will inspire and nurture the mind, body and spirt. Watch this space for for gifts coming soon!