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Aura Light 7 LED Beauty Mask
Aura Light 7 LED Beauty Mask
Aura Light 7 LED Beauty Mask
Aura Light 7 LED Beauty Mask
Aura Light 7 LED Beauty Mask
Aura Light 7 LED Beauty Mask
Aura Light 7 LED Beauty Mask

Aura Light 7 LED Beauty Mask

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New model 2022 White Aura 7 Led Facial  Mask skin rejuvenation led mask phototherapy beauty brighting wrinkle removal mask.

Promote skin metabolism, improve texture, tighten pores and improve blackheads. Anti ageing Beauty Secret is out! Brand new and high quality, cordless and rechargeable, touched key bottom, fully charged can last 8hours usage.

Purify the skin breaks down the pigmentation, activate skin collagen secretions, dilutes fine lines and  tightens skin. 2150 of led lamp produce more rapid and deep beauty effect, the led light therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light which give off energy that are used in many applications.

Led beauty mask effect, whitening skin, shrink pores , hyperplasia of collagen, increase skin cluster and elasticity, anti-aging, firming skin, improve dark circles improve oil pox skin, Use between 5-15minutes each day or alternate each day can lessen your fine lines and wrinkles around your forehead or any skin concerns in just 4-6 weeks.

No needles, safe and quick treatment all in the comfort in your own space. The mask is made from  medical silicone,  follows the face contour for a comfortable and suitable wear.

Suitable for all skin types. Switch adjustment button above mask, Simple operation and easy to carry touch operation full sense of technlogy. Multifunction Brand new high quality ergonomically designed to fit the face and feel comfortable. Smart timing automatically power off after finishing the set timing recommended duration 15-30minutes!

Suggestion use: Please choose high quality natural ingredients when using facial led mask. We recommend our skincare products as the will complement your treatment And are safe using skincare treatment facial Aura Led mask. Always on cleansed skin after use apply moisturiser. 

For any skin concerns treatment : Tighting, brighting, rejuvenation, blemish, anti-aging, acne and minimise pores.

The effect will be better if used high quality natural moisturising skincare products

Product includes 

1 x Aura Led Facial Charging Mask

1x UsB Charging Cable

1x Manual

1x  Packaging Box

12 months warranty 

Number Led 150pcs

 Lights: LED  Beauty Treatment

Red 630nm -increase cell activity, speed up metabolism and promote collagen achieve firm and smooth texture formation.

Blue 470nm- Bactericidal anti-inflammatory, inhibit inflammation, repair skin

Purple- 400-420nm  Relaxing , improving lymph metabolism,  Dual frequency light repairing acne

Cyan- enhances cell energy and promotes metabolism

White -Improves fine lines and elastin skin, accelerate the metabolism of the active tissue.

Green 525nm- Neutralisation, balance and stability can reduce skin oil secretion Anti-aging , smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

Yellow 590nm- Improve cell oxygen exchange ,replenish energy to the skin cells gentle acne treatment, inflammation skin mitigation.

One button Operation 

long press on/off 

Short press colour Just 7 colours, press 8th, 7 colours cycle

Light weight 350g using standing or lying down 

Fully charged in 2-3 hrs, can work up to 40-50minutes after fully charged.

Please Note;  must not to be used when charging otherwise it will cause short circuit 

Material- Plastic cordless rechargeable 7 light led facial therapy mask

Led light colour - 7 colour

Input voltage -100-240V

Output Voltage -12V

Mask weight -350g

Packing- 69.5 x 28.5x 45.5 cm carton package

Made of medical silica gel, which is non irritating to human tissues, non-toxic non-allergenic, light weight, 350g comfortable and painless.

You may not see the effect immediately. It may take time to repair the skin depending on the skin conditions you may have. Please continue to use and wait patiently for a more effective result its recommended you use professional related skincare products that are natural to enhance the effectiveness and moisturise after use. 


Do not look directly at the led light, otherwise you may feel uncomfortable, use the micro current function with minion intensity. If you use the skin with maximum intensity for the first time, you may be too intense for the first time use. Do not use water to clean the LED mask, no dip into water. Please use wet cloth to clean Led mask.


Do not use led mask : Children,Pregnant woman & Thyroid disease,   If face has a wound or mild allergies. It is not recommended to use the micro- current function before the wound heals.

Enjoy the time to treat yourself with an aura-led facial mask on your next adventure. This home use, easy pack light weight and take anywhere - it will be worth seeing results! We love hearing about any experience you've had using one of these masks so feel free give us a rating below..
We are also constantly expanding our collection which means if there's something else in particular that caught your eye but isn't listed here please contact customer service info@alchemyofwisdom.com.au


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