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Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

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Alchemy of Wisdom Makeup Sponge, Beauty Blender

Foundation Cosmetic Blender  makeup sponge sets effortless for powder in dry and cream or liquid.

Wet can be used with foundation , concealer , foundation stick and  BB cream

Dry can be used pressed powder, shading powder, Eyebrow powder, Loose powder or bronzer.

Simple use and easy to clean, faster than other applicators softer then makeup brushes and gentle for sensitive skin, great for quick easy application or travelling. 

Edges -less design is for maximum and seamless coverage.

 Hydrophilic Non -Latex  delicate makeup , wet or dry  

High Quality open cell structure that guarantees cosmetics stay on top of the skin looking flawless rather being absorbed and loose wastage. Pops back to shape quickly after you clean delicately  squeezing  the water out of the beauty blender.

The pore structure is uniform in size and breathable, providing perfect makeup.

Hydrophilic polyurethane  which becomes larger when exposed to water, applying comfortable to makeup.

Non -Latex

Colours  Blue - Pink Marble 


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