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We are so excited to

Go To Post     We are so excited to be launching our latest release. Elóquent Pearl Caviar Cream Mask. Made with Bamboo extract is a powerful clean green antioxidant, which keeps your skin safe from damaging free radicals. It also diminishes fine lines and wrinkles keeps your skin comparatively supple and moisturised. Bamboo extract is rich in compounds like amino acids, flavonoids which are antioxidants that protect skin from oxidative stress. These compounds are essential in skincare for shielding from UV rays. Bamboo is said to be rich in silica content, which gives your skin a radiant glow. It is also have hydration benefits, besides silica also produces collagen that results in firmer skin and a youthful bounce. Great for acne prone and sensitive skin. Helps with anti-inflammatory and bacteria. Feels like caviar full of richness Shea butter goodness for imperial youthful skin. Hey babes 😍 what’s in in your next beauty Secret 🤫 routine ! Watch out new launching of our at this space💬 coming soon! @alchemy_of_wisdom #beauty #beautylaunch #beautylaunchpd #skincareproducts #skincaremask #skincareproducts #skincarelover #skincaresunday #beauty #skin #skinhealth #natural #naturalskincare #cleanskincareproducts #cleanskincare #onlineshopping #onlineshop #onlinstore #onlinebusiness 🌏

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