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⁣ Pnevma Ajña Com

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We take pride in our Pnevma Ajña Complex Eye Cream for its exclusive and one of a kind features that put our product on top of the list.💯

It has a sophisticated formula that lifts and repairs the results of aging around the delicate eye area. It contains lifting and firming active ingredients called Heptapeptide 8 to tone and retexture skin.💧

It also has Matrixyl 3000 to restructure and repair skin layers and promote collagen and elastin synthesis. It aids in diminishing the signs of aging such as skin roughness, uneven complexion, and wrinkle depth, volume, and density.✨

Pnevma Ajña Complex Eye Cream is specially formulated to protect the skin matrix, hydrate, nourish, and regenerate to combat aging.

Our luxurious eye cream tightens the skin, brightens the dark spots, and removes the sagging around the eye contour. Above all, we use organic & all natural botanical plants that have been proven effective on skin for centuries.

All our products are free from paraben, sulphate, mineral oil, artificial colour, artificial fragrance, and sodium lauryl sulphate.🌟 @alchemy_of_wisdom


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