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⁣ Our Elòquent pe

Go To Post     ⁣ Our Elòquent pearl caviar mask cream is packed in rich antioxidants, You as the consumer wanted a exfoliant that has all the natural botanicals with all the specific needs, wether you need intense hydration, protection, soothing, repair, age prevention or firmness.

So we delivered solutions for each of your specific needs a spa treatment to hydrate, plump and build collagen in the comfort of your own home . We listened! and we delivered a product that's been clinically proven, exudes in rich organic shea butter that is like caviar on skin smooth and delicate an exfoliation bringing glowing confidence, beauty in every woman for all ages!

With so many benefits of Elòguent pearl caviar cream exfoliant mask, these are the main reasons why you should purchase our exfoliant.

. Unclogs pores, firstly when you exfoliate -beauty tip exfoliate 2-3 times a week

. Prevents Acne, and anti-inflammatory

. Helps other skincare products penetrate deeper

. Evens skin tone

. Boost circulation and lymphatic drainage

. Increases cell turn over

. Stimulates collagen synthesis

. Replenishing skin hydration

. Removing dead skin cells

. Maintaining heathy glowing skin

. Mild on sensitive and acne, prone skin

. Vitamins A, B and E combined with Jojoba oil

. Beautifully Boxed comes with a Gold metal spatula round ring to stimulate skin💛

. Environmentally Conscious choice♻️

. 50g

Now that you know the degree of all the beautiful features!

Enjoy the timeless Elòquent Pearl Caviar Mask and share the secret ingredient within your beauty routine to transform pearlescent glowing skin. ✨Shop Online www.alchemyofwisdom.com @alchemy_of_wisdom

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