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Elòquent Pearl Cavi

Go To Post     Elòquent Pearl Caviar Cream Mask is rich and powerful antioxidant exfoliant to maintain hydration, with anti-inflammatory Bamboo extract powder, has the ability to heal and sooth the skin. Free -radical, environmental protection bamboo can help skin stay healthy and young to help fight the effect of premature ageing. A timeless rich cream exfoliant mask that has a dewy pearlescent glowing feel on skin.💧 Improves skin firmness, bamboo contains 70% of natural silica collagen, which prevents skin from sagging- Is predominantly made up of silica. As we age collagen gets damaged also environmental factors , so replenishing skin with natural silica helps build collagen and maintain firms and elasticity. 🧬 Our Elòquent pearl caviar mask cream is packed in rich antioxidants, You as the consumer wanted a exfoliant that has all the natural botanicals with all the specific needs, wether you need intense hydration, protection, soothing, repair, age prevention or firmness. Beauty starts within and it starts now. Botanicals are the essence of purity, feed your skin and embrace your true inner Goddess...🪞✨ Order your or for Mother’s Day gift 💝 @alchemy_of_wisdom #gifts #mothersdaygift #mothersdaygiftideas #exfoliateyourskin #exfoliate #exfoliating #exfoliation #exfoliator #exfoliantes #freeshipping #shop #shopping #naturalskincare #naturalexfoliant #organicskincare #crueltyfreeskincare #bambooskincare #shopinline #businessowner #shopsmallbusiness #australianmade #australiawidedelivery #worldwideshipping📦✈️ #wordwideshipping

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